Beiträge die mit 33c3 getaggt sind

Tomorrowland @ 33c3

We have installed our assembly at #33c3. You can find us in the Anarchist Village.


Include Heaven share shortcut close...

Look for this sign.
Ours is the table with the Shadowrun books on it. We will not be always present but certainly before the start of our sessions.

Back from #32c3

We are back from a wonderful #32c3 and after a few days of rest, we finally have time to do what we (in retrospect) should have done before attending the congress.
First of all, we have set up this Friendica account. This would have been really nice to have on a congress on which we re-scheduled sessions but that had no working Wiki. But the next congress will come and as we were told, a Wiki outage is quite normal. So, in preparation for the next congress you may follow this account to get up to date news about sessions we might have on #33c3.

By the way, if you do not have a Friendica, Diaspora or GNUsocial account, you can subscribe to our atom feed in your preferred feed reader.

Secondly, we want to keep you informed about the development of our virtual gaming table solution that is a combination of Mumble and our Web App charXchange.

Last but not least, we were approached by many people at the congress that love pen and paper role-play gaming but have no local gaming group for whatever reason. Maybe we can build a small community of those players to form new groups.

If you are looking for people for on-line "pen and paper" groups, feel free to create an account at this node or set up your own Friendica node. Anyway, make sure to connect to the account tomorrowland@rpgzweinull.de :-)